Bitcoin and the smart contract: to be or not to be?

Bitcoin and the smart contract: to be or not to be?

Author: Robert Strickland

Bitcoin and the smart contract: to be or not to be?

Why doesn't bitcoin have smart contracts?
One of the features that is forcing organizations around the world to incorporate blockchain technology into their operations is smart contracts. Ethereum is by far the largest platform for their creation, but it already has dozens of large competitors. But why doesn't the bitcoin blockchain, the largest cryptocurrency, allow the creation of smart contracts?


There are several reasons for this. Although bitcoin's blockchain initially contains a number of principles inherent in smart contracts, they cannot be implemented by the network due to security concerns. Unlike Ethereum, bitcoin blockchain allows only simple scripts to be programmed, not enough to make full-fledged smart contracts work.

The second reason is the low bandwidth of the bitcoin network. Full-fledged, multifunctional smart contracts consume a lot of network power, and their implementation in the bitcoin blockchain is simply impossible for that reason.


Despite the fact that bitcoin blockchain in its current form is incapable of supporting full-fledged smart contracts, various developers are trying to find a solution to this problem.

The Chain platform has developed a new programming language, Ivy.

Particl, a confidential application platform, is actively working on creating decentralized applications that can create smart contracts using bitcoin. They are not as advanced as Ethereum contracts, but they can already perform useful functions, and developers are working to develop them further.


Despite bitcoin's popularity as an asset and a means of payment, it is not yet suitable for creating smart contracts. However, that does not mean that it will not be available in the future: bitcoin boasts the largest community among other cryptocurrencies, and developers around the world are constantly working to improve it.


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