Blockchain in Culture: Inspired by Technology

Blockchain in Culture: Inspired by Technology

Author: Robert Strickland

Blockchain in culture: the inspiration of technology

Blockchain as a mass phenomenon on a global scale has affected not only the technological industry but also the cultural one. Today you can find many references to cryptocurrencies and distributed registry technology in various cartoons, music pieces, etc. In this article, we will look at how blockchain is reflected in culture in different directions.


Blockchain's reach has reached such heights that entire monuments are now being erected in honor of the technology. For example, in Slovenia, a real memorial to the first cryptocurrency was erected in the city of Kranj. The money for this work of art was collected on a crowdfunding platform. By the way, it is not surprising that this happened in this country, because the authorities there were initially very positive towards blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


One of the feature films that was entirely dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain was the work of director Alex Winter called "The Deep Web". The adaptation describes the story leading up to the capture of the creator of the anonymous Silk Road trading platform, Ross Ulbricht. In the course of the narrative, the development of decentralized technology is partly highlighted. Notably, Ross Ulbricht himself was also involved in the filming. In the series "Silicon Valley", which has been produced since 2014, the entire 5th season is dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain. One of the characters talks about ICOs as a great way to eliminate control by venture capitalists. Much of the entire narrative is about young geeks trying to raise money to start an online store.


Of course, there are no full-fledged cartoons that are entirely about cryptocurrencies or blockchain, unless you count the various educational videos on YouTube. But there are enough references of different natures in the youth cartoon series. For example, a recent cartoon symbiosis of The Simpsons and Family Guy has a direct reference to blockchain technology. In this episode, a billboard depicting Jimbo Jones (the bully of the cartoon series) has a caption asking everyone to send him lunch money with a note that bitcoins are also accepted. There are also references to bitcoin in these animated series as far back as the 2013-2014 seasons.


Blockchain to culture was able to leave its mark even on the trail of the visual arts. For example, the artist Peter Frelich created a painting depicting a small computer and 4 cryptocurrency mining devices. In this case, the picture itself is framed in a gold baroque frame, and the panel (the frame of the picture) is made of expensive rosewood. True, the work has not gained much popularity, but we all know that art can play in the long run. Philip Colbert, who is a fairly well-known artist, did not paint anything in the blockchain theme, but on his own initiative used the technology to certify his works. As you can see, blockchain in culture is finding more and more use not only as a technology but also as a source of inspiration. If you know of other examples of blockchain references in culture, be sure to share them with us in the comments.


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