Can I build my own ASIC in 2023?

Can I build my own ASIC in 2023?

Author: Robert Strickland (crypto expert)
  • Can I build my own ASIC in 2023?

Is it possible to assemble ASIC with my own hands in 2023?
Shortage of equipment, supply problems, high cost, etc. - all this pushes miners to assemble ASIC with their own hands. Such an idea may seem very strange and unrealizable to many. In this article, we will figure out if it is possible to assemble ASIC with your own hands in 2023 and how difficult it is.


So, to begin with, let's understand what the ASIC itself consists of:

The casing. It performs the function of the casing, which is where all the working elements of the device are located. In addition, it can provide additional heat dissipation from the inside-outside.
The board. On it there are various elements that ensure the efficiency of the device, as well as provide the process of mining cryptocurrencies.
The power supply unit. Serves as a converter of AC to DC, which is necessary for the normal operation of all the internal components of the device.
Coolers. Used to dissipate heat and maintain a normal temperature regime, which is necessary for the stable operation of the equipment.
Connectors. Used to connect the ASIC to a PC, connect the power supply, etc.
What do we have? Almost all the elements can easily be bought on the market. The biggest problem is finding ASIC boards. It will not be any easier to get them than to buy already assembled devices. A cursory monitoring of the network shows that such elements are on sale and their price ranges from $120 to $120. However, we can not say anything about their quality, because this requires testing in practice.


Let's assume that you managed to buy all the necessary components to assemble the ASIC. Would a DIY device be more profitable? Speaking of price, yes, you will definitely be able to save money. For example, the manufacturer's markup will be removed from the final cost, the case can be made cheaper, you can use coolers from existing devices, etc. On average, you can save 30-40%. But there are a lot of other pitfalls you have to take into account:

Technical errors. No one guarantees that a homemade ASIC will work the way you planned it. The design of such devices is done by qualified engineers, who carefully select all the elements, optimize their operation, etc. - to achieve a similar result will be quite difficult.
Costs in terms of time. It may take up to several months to find all the necessary components, and during this period the relevance of the equipment can be significantly reduced because of the ever-increasing complexity of the network.
Supply problems. Again, ASIC boards can be a problem. Most likely, they only come in batches of a certain volume, so you won't be able to buy 5-10 boards and assemble a small home farm - you'll need a larger outlay.
So, the economic benefits of self-assembly may be outweighed by a number of operational difficulties.


Rather no than yes. In most cases, without special knowledge and technical training you will not be able to assemble a device that can compete with existing equipment, respectively - it will not be profitable to mine on it due to competition. Then what's the point of all this?

Of course, we are not trying to discourage anyone. If you like to do something with your own hands, the ASIC assembly can be considered as a very original experiment and experience. You can't seriously count on profitable mining with such a device. It's better to wait for the next shipment and order the ASIC already assembled with everything you need to work.


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