CGMiner program: an overview

CGMiner program: an overview

Author: Robert Strickland

CGMiner program: an overview

CGMiner program
The CGMiner program has already gained great popularity among experienced miners. This is due to the fact that it has a lot of settings that allow you to optimize the entire mining system, getting more productivity at the output. In this article, we will look at a guide to the initial setup and installation of CGMiner on your PC, as well as break down the main benefits of the program.


Technically, the CGMiner program has many features that set it apart from a number of other software. But we will consider only its key advantages that will be clear to both beginners and professionals in the field of mining. These include:

A huge number of different settings and parameters to optimize the system for more efficient mining.
Rather simple initial setup, which allows you to quickly assess all the advantages and capabilities of the program.
The built-in function of overclocking graphics cards on the PC.
Ability to set stop signals that will warn you about critical errors, crashes, overheating, etc.
Along with all these advantages, there is one disadvantage - the complexity of the work and high requirements for the PC. CGMiner program is designed more for experienced miners who know how to handle the code and technical components.


Before you set up the mining client itself, you should register in a pool, because you will not earn much money with solo mining today. You can choose a pool yourself. To do that just type "pool XXX" into your search engine, replacing "XXX" with the name of the cryptocurrency you would like to mine. Also, don't forget that you must have an appropriate wallet.

After registering, you will need to create workers. For example, if you have two farms and one laptop, you need to create 3 workers. Note that on some pools this step is not required.

After that, you can start downloading the program itself. After downloading the latest version, you should unzip all the data into a separate folder.

Now let's deal directly with the configuration. Go to the folder where the program was downloaded and create a file with the extension .dat. You can name it anything, but to avoid confusion we recommend using RUN or START (remember, you can only use Latin letters).

Open the created file with Notepad and paste the following code into it:

cgminer.exe -scrypt -u LOG -p PASS -o


In the code in bold those lines, which you need to replace:

LOG - login used when registering at the pool.
PASS - the password used when registering in the pool.
ADDPOOL - address of the pool itself.
Now, save the document and the configuration is complete. Just double-click on the file shortcut to start mining.

The CGMiner program is very functional and productive, and the above setup will be enough to just run it. If you really want to make money, you'll have to look deeper into all its features. The FAQ on BitcoinTalk forum will be a great help to you.

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