Flipping (Flippening) in cryptocurrencies: what is it?

Flipping (Flippening) in cryptocurrencies: what is it?

Author: Robert Strickland

Flipping (Flippening) in cryptocurrencies: what is it?

Flipping (Flippening) in cryptocurrencies: what is it?
The cryptocurrency industry is developing by leaps and bounds. And this trend can be observed not only in technical aspects but also in cultural ones - today there is already a whole slang layer that defines specific processes in the cryptocurrency industry. Continuing our rubric of "liquids", in which we have already introduced our users to pulhoppin', hodl'm and a number of other terms, we would like to talk about what flipping is.

Flipping or Flippening is a term that describes the moment when the ether will overtake bitcoin in terms of market capitalization. The origin of this definition is not known, but there is speculation that it appeared in 2017, when Vitalik Buterin's platform showed significant growth and was building a base of supporters.

It is worth noting that today the concept of flipping applies not only to capitalization but also to a number of other characteristics, such as trading volume, transaction volume, number of nodes, etc. It is noteworthy that this phenomenon arouses enough interest on the part of users. There are even separate sites that keep comparative statistics on the key parameters of both cryptocurrencies.

If you believe one of them, Ethereum has already overtaken Bitcoin by many indicators:


Like many slang definitions, flipping has outgrown its original meaning and is slowly creeping into other directions. This designation is used when comparing:

Altcoins and bitcoin.
Equity tokens and coin tokens.
ASICs and GPU miners, etc.
In fact, flipping has partially lost its original meaning and today is often used to quantitatively compare the main indicators of two different objects, be it specific cryptocurrencies, their individual characteristics, etc.

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