How do I get free tokens on airdrop?

How do I get free tokens on airdrop?

Author: Robert Strickland

How do I get free tokens on airdrop?

Free tokens on airdrop
How to get free cryptocurrency? A question that will probably never lose its relevance. Cranes, bitcoin games, etc. - such services, despite the huge amount of scams, still have rather high popularity. In this article we will consider another way to get rich "for free" - free tokens on airdrop.


Airdrop is a free distribution of cryptocurrencies by various blockchain projects. First of all, such schemes are implemented in order to popularize and advertise new sites. Many people confuse airdrop and bounty, although there are several significant differences between these events. First, airdrops are always simpler to implement. Bounty programs usually require participants to have certain skills, such as programming, design, or translation.

Second, airdrops give a smaller profit, but anyone can get it. In bounties, the rewards are more substantial and are not given out to everyone in a row.


Let's look at what benefits free tokens on airdrop have, in addition to the fact that you can get them "for free":

You can get some very promising coins that will give you some X's of profit in the future.
You don't need to do almost anything to get the coins - in most cases, just registering or having other coins in your wallet is enough.
Along with that, free airdrop tokens can also have their disadvantages:

Often airdrops are used by scammers. Uninformed users tend to leave their private keys and passwords.
It is not possible to get a significant profit in a short period of time unless you participate in dozens of airdrops.
Not all airdrop programs are profitable.
So, even airdrop is a kind of lottery, where you can win or stay on zeros.


To familiarize yourself with a phenomenon like an airdrop, we offer a list of some of them that are currently active:

VIU. 10 free tokens for signing up.
AFLC. 25 free tokens per registration.
SWIFT. 100 free tokens per registration.
Once again, let us remind you that this list of airdrops is for educational purposes only.

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