How to reflash the Antminer S9?

How to reflash the Antminer S9?

Author: Robert Strickland

How to reflash the Antminer S9?

As a rule, all ASICs come with a factory pre-installed system, which is designed specifically to work with a certain type of equipment. It is characterized by stability, reliability and security, but often does not provide the necessary power for mining. Fortunately, the cryptocommunity is very responsive in terms of offering new software, so today finding custom software to boost your miner's power is no problem. In this article we will consider how to reflash Antminer S9.


Most often, the firmware is downloaded by users on various forums, for example, you can look for something interesting on BitcoinTalk. However, you need to be especially attentive here, because the software for miners is a treasure trove for fraudsters.

Some unscrupulous developers embed scripts in them, which send some of the mined coins to third-party fake accounts. Additionally, it is better to use firmware that has already been tested by other users, so always read the reviews and actual screenshots beforehand.


Depending on the type of firmware installed the device may:

Give more hash rate.
Work more quietly.
Expand the list of available pools, etc.
Most often, the expansion of features in the standard firmware is limited, which is why many install custom versions of software.


So, you already downloaded the new firmware for your ASIC and are ready to install it. In case the power is cut off during the installation, the miner will no longer run and you will have to send it for recovery.

Reflashing Antminer S9 is carried out according to the following scheme:

Launch the software that came with the ASIC itself.
Go to the System tab and select Upgrade.

Next, click the Browse button and select the file to be used for reflashing.
The update process will start.
When finished, the system will prompt you to reboot the device and start with the new update.
Many people also recommend to reduce the cooler speed, as well as the frequency of operation before starting the device, so that the device does not overheat.



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