Red BIOS Editor is a utility that allows you to increase or decrease frequencies, as well as adjust various characteristics of video cards. Unlike other programs, Red BIOS Editor modifies the specific BIOS of the video card. Although flashing the BIOS involves some risk, this method has undeniable advantages.

A few words about the most important
When NAVI 21 chips appeared on the market, AMD video cards approached NVIDIA and even surpassed them in some parameters, but even this was not enough for miners who used video cards from AMD. Software developers offer Power Tools utility, but for some tasks and it is not enough (SoftPowerPlayTables may be limited to the built-in video card drivers).

Such utility as Red BIOS Editor allows to write all modifications of MorePowerTool directly into BIOS for almost all video cards:

RX 5700, 5700 XT.
RX 5600 XT.
6700/6800 XT.
RX 570/580/590/560/470/480.
Including Polaris family video cards. The benefits of Red BIOS Editor attract miners and make this utility a "must have" for cryptocurrency miners:

RBE supports most video cards.
Can adjust CPU power functions, which is unavailable to most similar programs.
There is a function for setting video card cooling fans parameters.
What Red BIOS Editor can do
Displays information strings inside BIOS file systems.
Shows device ID and vendor ID (extended data).
Ability to change BIOS file information strings.
Changing clock frequency and voltage of the graphics processor core.
Changing RAM parameters (frequency and voltage).
Displays full state of the PowerPlay structure.
Displaying and modifying the four fan controllers.
Changing BIOS overdrive signature to provide the highest overclocking limit.
Access to the hidden features of the CCC panel through the profile editor.
Built-in WinFlash interface allows you to flash all BIOS modifications.
Red BIOS Editor utility gives almost unlimited possibilities to change parameters of video card BIOS, but only experienced users can achieve maximum efficiency and correct work, and there are some difficulties.

This is important!
Before we begin, let us explain a very important and quite logical thing. Since utilities of this level are crucial for changing BIOS settings and re-flashing it, everything the user does is solely his responsibility.

How to use Red BIOS Editor
We always recommend you to use only trusted sources to download the software, especially when it comes to those utilities that allow you to change the firmware of your BIOS system.

 Download the software
Install the software by following the standard menu and instructions. Click the "NEXT" button.

Before proceeding to the graphics card settings, we strongly recommend that you save your current settings so that you can make a backup after an unsuccessful change. This can be done through the GPU-Z program or by following the ATIFlash instructions.

Now you need to open the saved BIOS by pressing the "load" button.


Open the RBE program and go to the tab "VRAM Timings".
In the "Memory Type" field, select the RAW frequency of your video card.

Most likely you don't know what these numbers mean, so copy the timing line from a low value to a higher one.
Save your BIOS changes, but don't change the source code (change only the file name). Save the BIOS settings via ATIFlash.
The Red BIOS Editor program is used to automatically find the optimal timings. You can find a list of ready-made solutions at TechPowerUp web site.

Flashing Any BIOS For AMD GPUs
Step by step guide on this link

Open command line as administrator. You will need the following commands:

exe -s 0 original-bios.rom - command to save the original version of the BIOS.
amdvbflash -unlockrom 0 - unlock the ROM before flashing.
amdvbflash -p -f 0 biosmod.rom - flash modified BIOS.
The number "0" in the command denotes the ID of the graphics processor. If there are several of them, listing them separated by commas will allow you to flash several GPUs in one system at once.


Do a restart of the computer and try to test the new values.


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