Mining on Android in 2023: apps

Mining on Android in 2023: apps

Author: Robert Strickland (crypto expert)

Mining on Android in 2023: apps

Mining on Android: apps
Despite the fact that the topic of mining on phones has already been repeatedly raised on the network and it has been proved by many that this type of mining is not even remotely effective, many people are interested in how to mine on Android. In this article, we will look at several applications that allow you to do this.


Probably the owners of apple devices, after reading this article, will wonder why we do not consider apps for mining on iOS. The answer: the policy of the internal mobile App Store is that there is practically no mining software for iPhone, iPad, iPod and other Apple devices. There are, of course, various games with an opportunity to earn cryptocurrency, but in most cases it is a complete scam.


The full name of the program DroidMiner BTC / LTC / DOGE Miner. This application allows you to mine cryptocurrencies based on the SHA-256 algorithm and Scrypt through a pool Getwork. For those who would like to try to mine digital currencies with it, they will have to pay 0.99 cents.



This app allows you to mine Litecoin through a pool. It is only available so far in beta version, and the minimum amount for withdrawal is 0.5 LTC. However, preliminary calculations show that to achieve this minimum withdrawal amount you need to mine on a powerful tablet for about a year, so it does not make much sense.


Electroneum can be called the highest rated Android mining app. Its average score is almost 4 points, and the number of downloads has exceeded the 500,000 installations mark.

Electroneum is the first mining app of its kind for mobile devices. Judging by the reviews, it is possible to achieve a hash rate of 50 h/s on a powerful tablet. The developers claim that soon they plan to introduce their application in the App Store.

Of course, mining on Android is a very dubious venture, although it is able to bring real BTC or other cryptocurrency, but you should not count on any decent income.


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