Mining simulator: what it is, how it works, top best games

Mining simulator: what it is, how it works, top best games

Author: James Soplin

Mining simulator: what it is, how it works, top best games

  • Mining simulators - a kind of game for fans of cryptocurrencies. It is a computer emulator, focused on creating your own farm, selecting cryptocurrencies, calculating of payback, etc. Allows beginners to gain experience and understand the essence of cryptocurrency mining. Below we will consider in detail what these applications are, what they are needed for, and what are the pros and cons. Let's look at popular mining simulators on PC and phones in 2022.

1 What they are, purpose
2 Top best mining simulators for PC and phone
2.1 For PC
2.1.1 True Mining Simulator
2.1.2 Mining Simulator
2.1.3 Crypto Mining Simulator
2.2 For Phone
3 Pros and Cons

  • Mining simulations are programs for PC or mobile devices that simulate the actual mining of virtual coins. In most of these games, the user has his own farm, where he is engaged in mining cryptocurrency, faces many difficulties, and even takes risks (although in a virtual world).

Features of such simulators:

  • Getting up-to-date information about rates from cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Ability to calculate the payback.
  • mining farms based on the real existing equipment.
  • Overcoming of the arising difficulties.
  • Improvement of existing hardware, overclocking.
  • Increasing the power of the farm.
  • Getting game earnings, etc.
  • The purpose of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency mining simulators is to combine having a good time, having fun playing the game, and preparing for the real process of mining the cryptocurrency. Users are quicker to understand the technology and bolder to start building a farm in the real world.

Top Best Mining Simulators for PC and Phones
A wide range of mining simulators is available to users on PCs and mobile devices. Here are the TOP best games for 2023, many of which will be popular in the future.

For PC
Most miners prefer to play on a computer/laptop because of the greater clarity and enhanced features.

  • True Mining Simulator

Development of the app started back in 2017, but today it is considered one of the most attractive for miners. It uses basic mechanics, namely changing the value of cryptocurrencies, building a farm, getting news of the cryptocurrency world, exchanging virtual coins, electricity bills, etc. The cost of downloading is symbolic - 3.99 euros.

After installation, the user has to think about the classic issues of the miner, namely the payback, the obsolescence of equipment, the number of video cards, the correct assembly of racks and placement. It is necessary to exclude accidental overheating of the equipment and choose the right currency. There is also the risk of buying "iron" for game money and going bankrupt as a result.

The developers present the game as a precise simulation of a mining farm with the possibility of virtual income. The software is periodically updated, new features are added, there is even a change of day and night, the fatigue factor, the need to go to work, the likelihood of burning the house, etc.

System requirements (minimum):

Windows - 7 and up.
Processor goth CPU 2 Core.
RAM - from 2 GB.
Direct X - 9.0 s and up.
Disk space - from 1 GB.
To avoid freezes, it is desirable to play on a PC with Windows 10, 4 GB of memory, DirectX 11, and a GTX or HD graphics card.

  • Mining Simulator 2

Mining simulator in the style of Roblox, featuring bright graphics, and the ability to independently mine or work in a group. The game was released on February 13, 2021. The peculiarity is that here we mean mining, not cryptocurrency, but other "minerals".


Mining of different resources.
Selling/buying things.
Sophisticated exchange system.
The ability to reset progress.
Note that the game has not been supported by the developers recently, and the update is not released. The application itself is not related to cryptocurrency mining, but it can be considered as an alternative.

  • Crypto Mining Simulator

The new Crypto Mining Simulator game released in 2022 is a crypto mining simulator that allows you to dive into the world of virtual coin mining. Its features allow you to build a real farm for cryptocurrency mining, selecting the best graphics processors, RAM, HDD / SSD, graphics cards, motherboards, and other equipment.

Features game mining simulator for PC:

Realistic algorithm for building a farm and mining coins.
High-quality detailing.
Opportunities to make your own adjustments to the room.
Preparation of the room taking into account the requirements of cryptocurrency mining.
Users can choose from a huge selection of components for the creation of the farm. After preparation, you can perform standard steps, such as setting up, controlling parameters, generating virtual income, etc. The capabilities of the program allow you to create your own farm with a capacity of 50 GC/s and higher.

Future plans include trading in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lightcoin, Dogicoin, and XRP. An online mode is planned and new content will be added.

Before you download the mining simulator, you need to consider the minimum requirements for your PC:

OS - Windows 10.
CPU - i3 or higher.
RAM - from 4 GB.
Video card - Nvidia GTX 460 or similar performance by AMD.
Disk space - 1 GB.
Direct X - 11 version.
As for the recommended parameters, it is better to have a PC with an i5 processor, Nvidia GTX1080 graphics card or higher, and DirectX 12.0 support. The rest of the parameters can be the same.

  • For the phone

Similar games are available not only for computers/laptops but also for mobile devices. Let's look at a few examples for Android:

  • Miner Simulator ( A strategy for earning Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Allows you to create and place farms around your apartment, use their capabilities and earn income. The accumulated funds can be spent on purchases, and the equipment itself can be easily sold at a flea market.


  • Bitcoin Mining ( Bitcoin mining simulator, which allows you to dive headfirst into the gameplay. Here you can mine cryptocurrencies with your farm and develop your own "empire". The game offers a large choice of locations and settings.


  • Mining simulator ( Software with the ability to create your own virtual coin mining empire. It is possible to create new cryptocurrency farms and buy new ones. Available work with contracts, cryptocurrency monitoring, and other options.

The above is just a small list of games available on the Android operating system. In most cases, they have a classic interface and differ little from each other.

Pros and cons
Mining simulation games for computers and phones are a great way to spend time and try yourself as a real miner.

The benefits of such an experience are:

Getting pleasure from the gameplay.
Learning the basic basics of cryptocurrency mining.
Improving your farm assembly skills.
Gaining up-to-date information related to virtual coins and their mining.
Learning how to plan and develop your thinking skills.

Impossibility of real earnings.
Need to install the game on your PC / phone.
Difficulties with learning the interface for some variants.
Mining simulator on PC and laptop - an opportunity to feel part of the cryptocurrency community, but in a virtual world. There is no risk here, which is available in real cryptocurrency mining, but you also will not be able to earn real money.

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