100% unlock Nvidia LHR GPU for ETH mining.

Nvidia has completely unlocked LHR graphics cards in NBMiner
To unlock the GeForce 3060ti lhr, 3080 lhr, 3050 lhr graphics card, you will need to update the driver to version 512.15 for Windows, 510.60 for Linux.

latest version NBMiner


Function: ethash Add 90% LHR unlocker for 3080 12G and 3050.
Function: ergo Add LHR unlock support.
fix: ethash LHR unblocker improves stability.
fix: ethash Improved LHR unlocker stability.
fix: ethash Fix crash on AMD GPUs
fix: ethash Improved compatibility on rigs with low system memory.
Feature: Added ethash 100% LHR unlocker for both Windows and Linux.
Run nbminer as admin to get 100% LHR unlock.
Other driver versions may have compatibility issues.

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