Placing a Mining Farm: Where to Store the Equipment?

Placing a Mining Farm: Where to Store the Equipment?

Author: Robert Strickland

Placing a Mining Farm: Where to Store the Equipment?

Placement of the farm for mining
Mining farm is quite bulky equipment, which requires a large amount of space and certain storage conditions. Accordingly, many novice miners have a question, where to place their mining devices? This article is about how to choose the placement of a mining farm and where it is more convenient to store the equipment.


Probably most of the miners store their farms in the apartments where they live. This method does not require additional costs for renting or buying a separate room, besides, you can choose where exactly to install the equipment. The most popular options are considered balconies and rooms. Let's see why this choice is not always effective.

So let us begin with the balcony. It would seem that the conditions are excellent - here you have natural ventilation and heat removal, and the absence of noise in the living room. But it is worth remembering some very significant disadvantages:

Limitations. If you ever decide to expand your farm, it will be very difficult to do so. More often than not, balconies are small in size and you can't even install a dozen full-fledged trusses on them.
Precipitation. Of course, there are balconies that are protected by insulating materials, but most often leak, which can cause damage to your equipment.
Also, don't forget the neighbors. The noise, of course, is not so strong as to interfere indoors with closed frames, but the neighbors are different.

Placing a mining farm in an apartment, despite its popularity, is not the best option at all. Excessive heat, high network load, constant noise, etc. - all this makes everyday life unbearable. Of course, it is possible to rent a separate apartment for your own mining-farm, but only quite large miners can afford it.

A garage can be considered as a much more acceptable option. Firstly, even in case of renting it will cost you 8-10 times less. Secondly, you can always find an option right "next door". Thirdly, the noise and excessive heat will not interfere with others, because garage cooperatives are designed to be noisy, dirty and smelly with oil. Accordingly, your farm will not notice anyone.


In terms of the market for placing farms, where for a fee an intermediary will place equipment on their premises, there are two options:

Data centers. Enterprises of this kind offer placement of farms on the long term. The price tag for services varies greatly depending on the price of electricity in the region, availability of security, ventilation and other additional options.
Mining hotels. Such companies are more suitable for temporary accommodation of farms. They are often used outside of the country of residence, for example, when going to China for equipment that needs to be turned on as quickly as possible.
Placing a mining farm on someone else's property is quite an attractive option. The main thing is that you don't get caught by scammers and end up without your equipment.


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