Platforms for issuing tokens: Where to mint coins for ICOs?

Platforms for issuing tokens: Where to mint coins for ICOs?

Author: Robert Strickland

Platforms for issuing tokens: Where to mint coins for ICOs?

Platforms for issuing tokens.
If you are planning to launch your own ICO, through which your coins will be sold, you probably thought about what platform to choose for their release. In this article, we'll take a look at what token-issuing platforms are available, as well as understand their features.


There is no doubt that Ethereum has been the clear leader in the segment of token issuing platforms. It uses the PoW algorithm called Ethash, which was developed by Vitalik Buterin, as well as the platform itself. The main advantages of this platform include:

A large number of active users.
Already established a high level of trust from investors.
The presence of smart contracts, which increases the functionality of the platform.
However, not without disadvantages. Perhaps the most important of them is the fact that to work with Ethereum it is necessary to learn the Solidity language. Of course, it is not so critical, but when a project must be launched urgently, this feature of the platform can become critical.

In addition, it should be noted that the bandwidth of the platform is not high enough. For example, in July 2017, when there was a large influx of users, a queue formed, which prevented those who wanted to tokenize in time.


Waves is a platform that was developed by Russian programmer Alexander Ivanov. Initially it used the PoS protocol, but over time it was changed to LPoS. This solution allowed to significantly increase the throughput capacity of the network.

Its main advantages are:

High throughput and transaction speed.
A large number of built-in services that allow you to quickly issue tokens.
But it was not without its disadvantages. The closed nature of the community and the lack of any information on some very important issues make the platform very difficult to understand. In addition, we do not know whether the developers have adjusted the tokens to the ERC-20 standard. They promised to do so back in the fall of 2017.


Japan's NEM platform differs from most other competitors in that it uses the PoI (Proof of Individuality) algorithm. It focuses on the reputation of each individual account on the network, which is supposed to make the internal community more "healthy."

NEM has already proven itself, because a fairly popular project Comsa is based on it. However, to the popularity of Ethereum platform is still far away.

The main advantages of NEM are easy creation of tokens, as well as the ability to connect various client services. The only drawback of this platform is the complexity of consensus. To achieve it, a large volume of the network is constantly involved.


EOS offers probably the largest set of different solutions for business. It uses the DPoS protocol, which significantly increases the number of transactions carried out per unit of time. The main advantages of this platform are:

A large number of different tools for creating, administering and scheduling applications.
The absence of user commissions.
High scalability.
The platform also has disadvantages:

The ICO of the project lasted almost a year, which many people are frankly surprised.
Ambiguous personality of the developer (though, behind his back such projects as Bitshares and Steemit).
EOS is a direct competitor to Ethereum, but it does not manage to change its silver for gold yet.


As we can see, token issuing platforms are quite diverse, allowing startups the freedom to choose the most suitable solution for themselves. But despite the presence of quite serious competition, Ethereum is the unquestionable leader. Large community support, compliance of issued tokens with ERC-20, as well as the relatively solid age of the platform - all this keeps it in the first place in terms of popularity.



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