TechPowerup GPU-Z: Graphics Card Monitoring

TechPowerup GPU-Z: Graphics Card Monitoring

Author: Robert Strickland

TechPowerup GPU-Z: Graphics Card Monitoring

TechPowerup GPU-Z program
Monitoring the work of video cards and timely response to any critical changes - the basis for stable and profitable mining of cryptocurrencies. Many miners lose quite large portions of their profits simply because they don't monitor the state of their equipment. In this article, we will discuss TechPowerup GPU-Z, a program that allows you to monitor the performance of the GPU.


TechPowerup GPU-Z is a free software for monitoring your NVIDIA, AMD and Intel graphics cards. It takes only 5MB of free space but allows you to get the full statistics about the GPU you are using in your mine farm.

The main advantages of this software are simplicity and accessibility of the data. The interface is not overcrowded with unnecessary buttons, elements and functions - everything is clear and clear.

In addition, the system provides additional functions:

The ability to take screenshots for statistics or to send to other users.
Display various alerts in a pop-up window.
Portable version for use without installation, and a separate installer.

So, TechPowerup GPU-Z has everything you need for mining.


The Graphics Card tab is in fact the main screen of the program - you get to it when you start it. This tab contains the standard graphics card information:

Card information (device ID, name, version, etc.)
Memory type.
Driver version.
Core frequency.
Memory frequency.
Shader block frequency, etc.
At the very bottom, there is a dropdown list where you can select the card you want to see statistics for.


The second tab, called Source, displays the current video card stats, among them:

Card temperature.
Fan speed.
GPU load.
Memory load, etc.
All this data can be used to analyze your GPUs and adjust their performance.


The Validation tab is a kind of feedback form which allows you to send in bug reports or communicate with the developers.

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