The best software miners for a quick start

The best software miners for a quick start

Author: Robert Strickland

The best software miners for a quick start

The best mining programs
If you have decided to engage in mining only now, you probably have a question which mining software to choose. The huge variety of software present in the current market puts even those who already have experience in mining cryptocurrencies, not to mention newcomers, into a stupor.


The main advantages of this program include:

Cross-platform. The program works perfectly on PCs with any operating system.
Adaptability. The program has a wide list of settings that allow you to adjust its work depending on user requirements.
Ease of control. Despite the fact that the management uses a command line without a graphical interface, even a novice can understand the program.
This software is successfully used by miners for about 7 years and demonstrates a good efficiency of work with any devices for mining cryptocurrencies.

This software can also be classified as one of the most common. However, it is inferior to the above sample in its adaptability. Bitminter is initially tied to Bitminter pool. On the one hand, this simplifies the program setup for beginners, but on the other hand, it limits its versatility and ability to use it with more effective mining resources.

However, the pool itself has a very good reputation - it works since 2011 and is one of the first services for co-mining cryptocurrencies. Probably the main advantage of Bitminter for newbies is its graphical interface. This significantly simplifies navigation and setup.

This software is more suitable for miners with experience. It is oriented to work with ASICs and, according to users, quite problematically cooperates with video cards. The main advantages of this program are:

Compatible with Linux and Windows.
Gives great performance on ASICs, allowing you to use their full potential.
Wide list of tweaks for different hardware.
Simple text interface with the ability to perform operations via hotkeys.
BFGMiner definitely can't be recommended for absolute beginners in mining, but professionals will find a lot of advantages that other programs don't have.

Many people call this program "BFGMiner for beginners". In fact, she is, in fact, MultiMiner is just a graphical version of the above BFGMiner. In fact, the software exactly the same functionality and settings.

Its main advantages include:

Availability of different mining strategies, which can be changed for greater efficiency.
Clear graphical interface that simplifies the work with the program for beginners.
The presence of a system of tips and advice for faster learning.
So, if you work with ASICs, MultiMiner is the perfect choice for you. At least its functionality is enough for the first time.

The software described above as the best miners is a selection of options for beginners. For advanced mining, you need to be more careful in choosing a miner according to the features of the mined cryptocurrency itself, iron, etc.


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