What is Mallob-server and how to eliminate errors in DNX-mining

What is Mallob-server and how to eliminate errors in DNX-mining

Author: Robert Strickland (crypto expert)

When mining DynexCoin (DNX) cryptocurrency, sometimes there are errors related to Mallob registration. In this case, the following messages appear in the miner's window:

Mallob registration error [0].


Mallob error: [Couldn't connect to server]
Error communicating with mallob/s


The problem occurs due to the way DNX mallob-servers work.

  • What is a Mallob and how do DNX mallob servers work?

A Mallob (Malleable Load Balancer) is a load balancer that works with massively parallel logic. The purpose of a mallob is to handle complex tasks that can be broken down (paralleled) into a number of simpler workflows:


The simplified architecture of the Mallob networking system:


Mallob involves massively flexible paralleling and distribution of tasks:


Mallob is designed as an environment designed for performance computing in the context of propositional feasibility tasks (SAT).

SAT task structuring (right) for solving problems with unstructured decision graphs (left):


The Mallob platform can thus be used to solve complex problems by breaking them down into many simpler ones (SAT solving) using multithreaded distributed computation, dynamically adapting resources and tasks coming into the system.

The Dynex neuromorphic computing platform is a practical implementation of the Mallob concept.

In the Dynex DNX network, mallob servers are nodes that distribute work among pools/users that provide the platform with their computing power in exchange for rewards in DNX coins.

  • How to get rid of Mallob registration error?

To eliminate Mallob registration error, you need to check the correctness of your script/batcher (pool address and mallob server) to make sure that the pool address is written correctly.

To backup sources from mallob-servers in srbminer-multi you can add backup server addresses to the script, for example, for neuropool:

--mallob-endpoint http://mallob.neuropool.net:8081,http://mallob.eu.neuropool.net:8081,http://mallob.us.neuropool.net:8081

When mining DNX, you need to keep in mind that it is strongly not recommended to use the address of the exchanger to get the reward from the pool.

This is not only due to security reasons but also due to the fact that the processing of many small payments to one address significantly slows down the synchronization of the wallet. Because of this, the wallet owner (in this case, the exchange) can simply ban a careless user by embezzling his funds due to a violation of the terms of use of the trading platform.

That's why it's recommended to use zergpool, which has a choice of coins to be used for mining, such as LTC, BTC, DOGE, DASH or BCH (those are guaranteed coins for payments, you can use other cryptocurrencies at your own risk, if you wish).

On zergpool for reservations, you can specify addresses of its servers located in different locations, for example:

--pool dynexsolve.mine.zergpool.com:4460,dynexsolve.na.mine.zergpool.com:4460,dynexsolve.eu.mine.zergpool.com:4460

as well as
An example of a script to run dnx mining on zergpool (with automatic payouts in LTC):


export GPU_MAX_HEAP_SIZE=100






while true; do

sudo ./SRBMiner-MULTI --disable-cpu --algorithm dynex --pool dynexsolve.mine.zergpool.com:4460,dynexsolve.na.mine.zergpool.com:4460,dynexsolve.eu.mine.zergpool. com:4460,dynexsolve.asia.mine.zergpool.com:4460 --wallet ID_wallet --password c=LTC,worker --gpu-target-temperature 56 --gpu-off-temperature 63 --gpu-target-fan-speed 55 --gpu-id 0! --gpu-boost 3 --gpu-auto-tune 2 --gpu-tweak-profile 2 --reboot-script-gpu-watchdog watchdog.sh --api-enable --api-rig-name worker --api-miner-restart-url restart --dynex-cpu-pow 0! --gpu-intensity 496 --keepalive true --timeout 120

sleep 5


Also, for zergpool, you can try to specify in the configuration the address of an alternate mallob-server from other pools.

More mallob server addresses:

When dealing with registration delays on the mallob server on some pools it helps to set the world time on your computer. On Linux you can do this with the command:

timedatectl set-timezone UTC
When starting DNX mining, you should take into account that if many computers are connected to one server at the same time, it may take some time for the successful connection (distribution and receipt of tasks).

Therefore, sometimes you just need to wait for the miner to establish a connection (up to several minutes). It should be understood that if the connection with the pool is not established for a long time (the timeout is exceeded), the miner can disconnect, stopping the attempts to establish a connection with the pool server.

If the listed ways of solving the problem with registration on the mallob server do not work, the cause may be an error in the Dynex network itself.


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