A blogger had $60k in cryptocurrency stolen during a live broadcast

A blogger had $60k in cryptocurrency stolen during a live broadcast

Author: Robert Strickland (crypto-journalist)


A blogger had $60k in cryptocurrency stolen during a live broadcast

During a live broadcast, Brazilian blogger Ivan Bianco, who operates the Fraternidade Crypto channel on YouTube, experienced a cryptocurrency theft totaling approximately $60,000, as reported by Decrypt


During the livestream, the blogger accidentally revealed a document containing the seed phrase from his cryptocurrency wallet. One of the viewers seized this information and stole 86.6 thousand MATIC and 3.35 Ethereum (ETH) from him. Additionally, smaller amounts were taken by someone else.

A seed phrase is a set of random English words generated when creating a cryptocurrency wallet. It is used for recovering access to funds in case the owner loses their private key, wallet application password, or the device where the wallet is installed.

Bianco confirmed to the media that, in addition to approximately $60,000 in assets, he also lost non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and subsequently filed a police report. Later, the blogger revealed that he was contacted by an unknown individual via the social network Discord, who had stolen his cryptocurrency. After negotiations, the attacker returned the stolen 86.6 thousand MATIC.

In August, a hacker from the United States, who stole cryptocurrency worth $20 million, received a prison sentence. The criminal deceived customer service representatives and gained control over the SIM cards of potential victims, subsequently hacking into their cryptocurrency wallets.


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