Apple Store updated rules and allowed NFT transactions in apps

Apple Store updated rules and allowed NFT transactions in apps

Companies are prohibited from redirecting their users to third-party sites. All transactions must take place on the Apple platform The App Store has updated its usage guidelines following the release of the new iOS 16.1 version of the software for Apple devices. The updated guidelines include rules for NFT-enabled apps.


Paragraph 3.1.1 states that companies can offer in their apps to create (mincing), sell and buy NFTs. Applications can allow users to view their own NFTs as well as collections of NFTs owned by others. This is possible as long as the apps do not offer buttons, links, or other methods that redirect customers to purchase mechanisms other than in-app purchases.

Thus, all NFT transactions must take place on Apple's platform, whose commission is 30% of all in-app sales.

In addition, the rules prohibit companies from using their own tools to unlock content or features (including license keys, cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrencies, QR codes, etc.).

Work with cryptocurrencies under the new rules can only be done through exchange applications, provided that they are offered only in countries or regions where the application has a license or official permission to work with cryptocurrencies.

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