Investors assume that we may not see any significant price changes in the near future with BTC

I know what you are thinking, but on the bright side we should not experience any nose dives if the above is true.
Martin Hiesboeck says that the market is resting. We are not likely to see any changes any time soon. Investors are testing the ground before making a move and to be honest, there could just not be enough happening to make a bold decision whether to buy or to sell.
It is definitely charming to see how every single dip is followed by a whale order fulfillment which keeps the price steady. Even though there are no visible signs of it, Martin expects your typical crypto market volatility to be back, and the whole crypto rollercoaster to continue.
It is also fair to say that we are on the brink or even in the middle of hyperinflation. Depending on who you ask. So it makes sense for investors to be very cautious with their decisions. Even though BTC was proclaimed to be the inflation hedge asset, it didn't really do its job as well as expected. The inflation and the interest rates really did their job at plumitting its price into the ground. But experts say that BTC might be back for the second round in a few years when the whole space is more developed

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