Binance launched spot market trading via TradingView

Binance launched spot market trading via TradingView

Author: Robert Strickland (crypto-journalist)

Binance launched spot market trading via TradingView
Binance has integrated TradingView into spot trading
Data from the analytical platform became available to users directly through the account on the exchange

Binance announced the integration of spot trading with its analytics platform TradingView. This will expand the exchange's users' ability to analyze trading strategies with an additional range of charts and tools, according to a press release.

"TradingView creates a unique combination of informing and engaging users," a Binance spokesperson told 

The initial integration of Binance futures trading with TradingView in December 2022 went very well, he said. Platform customers appreciated the convenience of a single login to trade directly on Binance and the use of TradingView's wide range of graphical tools for performance analysis, such as cross-comparing crypto-assets and securities, as well as benchmarking between different cryptocurrencies, Binance said.

According to the exchange's instructions, in order to use the new feature, users need to log into their TradingView account and select Binance as their broker. After that, the user will have to connect his TradingView account to his account at the cryptocurrency exchange.

The order history on the Binance spot market will automatically synchronize with the TradingView account.

In December 2022, the ability to track cryptocurrency prices with the help of the TradingView platform plug-in appeared for Twitter users . You can enter an asset's ticker in the search bar of the application and get data on its current rate and price movement chart.


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