Bitcoin entered the Guinness Book of World Records

Bitcoin entered the Guinness Book of World Records


Bitcoin entered the Guinness Book of World Records
The first cryptocurrency has been written into the history of world achievement on several counts

Bitcoin has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records - in its latest edition of Guinness World Records 2023, Cointelegraph reports. The list of records includes bitcoin as the oldest cryptocurrency, the first decentralized cryptocurrency and the most expensive cryptocurrency.

The last of these records was set for March 24, 2022. On that day, bitcoin was worth $42,900 and had a market capitalization of $816 billion. In addition, several other bitcoin-related records can be found in the book: the largest cryptocurrency theft, the world's first cryptocurrency confiscation and even the largest cryptocurrency poker win ($1 billion).

There are also many NFT-related entries in the Record Book now. These include the very first unique Quantum token created in 2014, the most expensive token from NFT collections - CRYPTOPUNK #5822, bought for $23 million, and the most expensive NFT issued by a sportsbook - Manchester City (UK) tokens with a market capitalization of $47 million.

Ethereum also appeared in the Guinness Book of World Records. However, the leading altcoin is not marked by any record, it is mentioned in an article about the first NFT Terra Nullius issued on this blockchain in 2015.

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