Bitcoin mining difficulty hits an all-time high again

Bitcoin mining difficulty hits an all-time high again

Author: James Soplin

Bitcoin mining difficulty hits an all-time high again

Bitcoin's mining complexity hit an all-time high again, reaching 55.6 T

The average hashrate in the network of the first cryptocurrency amounted to 397.74 EH/s

On August 23, the difficulty of bitcoin mining increased by 6.17%, rising to a new all-time high of 55.6 T, according to data from The average hash rate on the first cryptocurrency network also reached a record high of 397.74 EH/s.

Mining complexity indicates the amount of computing power required to find a new block in the Bitcoin blockchain - how many times, on average, miners must calculate the value of a hash function to find a cryptocurrency block. With the current increase, the target complexity value is set at 55.62 T (1 T = 1 trillion times).

The next complexity change is due on September 5. The figure is expected to increase by 0.68%, to 55.9 T.

The average bitcoin hashrate (the average of the total processing power of the equipment mining the cryptocurrency) at the current difficulty was 397.74 EH/s.


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