BTC and ETH are having a hard time again

Regardless of almost breaking its resistance line ETH is struggling to fight the bears at the $1720 mark. The next frontier for ETH is $1750 from where the price should start moving in bigger swings.

But if it fails to capture the resistance line and gain that dominance it is most likely to go down to $1650 mark. If that fails, well, the fall will be major. $1600 mark and then lower and lower.
BTC price
In order to maintain the up going momentum BTC needs to break the $22000 mark. After that it's in the clear up until the $22500 mark. After that it should gain enough momentum to go as high as $23200 effortlessly.
On the other hand the current support level is $21400. Which will lead us all the way down and below $21000 if it breaks.

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