BTC, ETH taking a huge nose dive while FED is back at it again.

BTC, ETH taking a huge nose dive while FED is back at it again.

Here we go again, another day - another dip. All the main coins to a nose dive once again. But hey, the glass is half way full, might be a good entry point ay? Plus the USD is gaining some strength on the global market.

The Fed is doing it again. As the next meeting approaching the rummors say that our dreams about rate hikes going any slower might actually be in vain. Their July meetup will make it clear what we are to see in 2023. Well, let's hope it goes better than expected.

Stocks, crypto and other assets go up as the FED is rumored to lower the interest rate the upcoming year. In the meantime the central bank is pressing on cryptocurrencies with its monetary scrutenny.

The Fed is avoiding giving any further updates after raising rates to around 2.5% saying that the next move can only be determined by the outcome of the raise. So far we've seen lowering in prices for commodities and overall market rebalancing. The doves are probably feeling smart today since their prediction on consumer prices in July have met their expectations.

But don't get your hopes too high, we might have won a battle here, but the war is far from over. The central bank has not yet stopped feeding the inflation meaning that we're still going to see some volatility up ahead. Experts say that it can not only last until the end of 2022 but most likely to overflow into 2023. So buckle up and keep your hand on the pulse, it's about to get interesting.

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