Creators of Cardano-based dApps have stepped up dramatically

Creators of Cardano-based dApps have stepped up dramatically

Author: Robert Strickland

Creators of Cardano-based dApps have stepped up dramatically

Decentralized application developers (dApps) on the Cardano network have surged as of Feb. 15, 2023, according to the ProofofGitHub analysts' Twitter page. They have implemented 798 developments in the past 24 hours. This figure increased by 180 points compared to the same values of yesterday. Thus, this blockchain was the leader in this indicator.

As of February 14, Cardano developers have made 617 updates on the service GitHub. Consequently, the blockchain was in third place on this indicator, behind Polkadot/Kusama and Vega Protocol, whose programmers have implemented 774 and 675 updates, respectively.

Nevertheless, on the night of February 14 to 15, there was a long-awaited update to the Cardano network - Valentine. It made a number of improvements to the blockchain. Key among them were improved security and more interoperability with other protocols. According to developers from Input Output Hong Kong, this was to contribute significantly to the development of the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector and the creation of new applications in the internal Cardano ecosystem.

As early as the morning of February 15 this year, Cardano came out on top in the number of daily developments and code changes on GitHub. It surpassed all those Polkadot/Kusama with 782 and Vega Protocol (656).

As of 11:43 a.m. on Feb. 15, 2023, Cardano Digital Currency (ADA) was quoted at $0.383, up 7% from yesterday. Market capitalization was $13.26 billion and trading volumes were $513.2 million in 24 hours.

As for Polkadot (DOT), this virtual asset was available for purchase at $6.18. Its total offer was fixed at $7.15 bn, and the volume of daily deals reached $261.55 m.

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