Crypto-addiction treatment started in Spain

Crypto-addiction treatment started in Spain

Author: Robert Strickland

Crypto-addiction treatment started in Spain
Elite rehabilitation centers offer programs to get rid of cravings for crypto-trading, based on traditional methods of gambling addiction treatment

An elite rehabilitation center called The Balance on the island of Mallorca (Spain) began offering treatment for addiction to crypto-trading. According to the BBC, a course of treatment that includes therapy, massage, yoga and walking can last 4 weeks and costs about $75,000.

According to the BBC, over the past two years, medical facilities have received hundreds of inquiries on the subject, and more and more rehabilitation centers are beginning to offer such services. At the same time, experts note that crypto addiction is similar to gambling addiction, and there is little difference in their treatment methods.

The Spanish luxury "rehab" was by no means the first center to help with cravings for cryptocurrency trading. Scotland's Castle Craig Hospital has already developed an inpatient treatment program for crypto addicts in 2018. This program is also based on existing treatments for gambling addiction.



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