Details of the hack of the mining pool are published

Details of the hack of the mining pool are published

Author: Robert Strickland

Details of the hack of the mining pool are published
Hackers managed to steal both the service's own assets and user funds during the attack

One of the largest pools for bitcoin mining came under hacker attack. This was reported in a press release by representatives of BIT Mining Limited, which owns the service. Reportedly, the incident itself took place on December 3. As a result of hacker attack attack intruders managed to withdraw from the pool belonging to clients crypto-assets worth about $700 thousand, as well as to steal $2.3 million of cryptocurrency from the project purses.

Representatives of the affected company are investigating together with law enforcement authorities in China. It is reported that some of's assets were saved through the company's coordination with the relevant agencies.

After discovering the cyber attack, the pool optimized its internal security technologies "to more effectively block and intercept the actions of hackers." It is reported that now continues to operate as usual and customer funds are safe.

BIT Mining is one of the leading players in the cryptocurrency mining market. BIT Mining's services include its own infrastructure and production of cryptocurrency mining equipment and the creation of specialized data centers.

According to Poolstats,, an online pool owned by the company, accounts for 2.82% of the global bitcoin hash rate. The service also supports mining Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, Decred, as well as the "mining" fork of the Ethereum cryptocurrency, whose price has fallen by 95% since it appeared in September.


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