The coin's price recovered after falling to a low on September 19 and continued to rise amid news of the launch of a mining pool on Binance

Ethereum cryptocurrency PoW (ETHW) gained 190% after falling to a September 19 low of $4.17. As of 12 p.m. Sept. 30, the token is trading around $12, up 10% per day, and trading volume is $206 million, according to CoinGecko. Against bitcoin, ETHW has gained 8% in the last 24 hours.

After hitting $13.5 on September 25, the price of ETHW began to decline, but on the news of the launch of the Binance mining pool, the rate began to rise again. The token has gained 20% in value over the last 3 days.

At the same time, leading cryptocurrencies did not show significant changes in price. Bitcoin for 24 hours rose by 1.2% to $19.5 thousand, Ethereum rose by 1.4% to $1.34 thousand, the price of BNB rose by 2.2% to $286.


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