EthereumPoW cryptocurrency rate is down 95% from its all-time high

EthereumPoW cryptocurrency rate is down 95% from its all-time high

Author: Robert Strickland

EthereumPoW cryptocurrency rate is down 95% from its all-time high
The price of the Ethereum fork launched in September fell to lows around $2.9

The EthereumPoW (ETHW) cryptocurrency has fallen 95% from its all-time high. On September 3, before the launch of the new blockchain, which is a version of Ethereum that supports mining, the coin's price was rising to $58.54. On December 19, its exchange rate fell to historic lows of $2.87. As of 1:15 p.m. time, ETHW is trading around $2.91, according to CoinGecko.

In the 3.5 months since the launch of the Ethereum PoW blockchain on Sept. 15, 10 decentralized exchanges have joined to support the coin network, including Uniwswap, Kyberswap, changeNOW, Hippowswap and others. The project is also supported by 4 NFT marketplaces: Newton, Nswap, OpenW and Yayasan.

ETHW storage is supported by 8 cryptocurrency wallets: MetaMask, Math Wallet, Guarda, BitKeep and others. On December 21, the developers of EthereumPoW announced that work with the token became available in the Trust Wallet mobile app.

EthereumFair (ETHF), another Proof-of-Work fork of Ethereum, also fell in price to lows. After launching in mid-September, the price of ETHF was climbing as high as $20; as of 1:15 p.m. Moscow time on Dec. 21, it was down 98% to $0.4.

Ethereum mining forks coins continue to fall in price despite support from the crypto community. At the same time, the abandonment of mining and the transition to the Proof-of-Stake (POS) algorithm of the leading altcoin on September 15, did not affect its price as much. During this time, ETH has fallen in price by 25% - $1.6 thousand to $1.2 thousand. Bitcoin during the same time fell in price by 16%, and the total capitalization of the crypto market decreased by 15% - from $1 trillion to $849 billion.


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