FBI warns of people being enslaved by cryptocurrency scammers

FBI warns of people being enslaved by cryptocurrency scammers

Author: Robert Strickland (crypto-journalist)

FBI warns of people being enslaved by cryptocurrency scammers
FBI warned of people being lured into slavery by cryptocurrency scammers in Southeast Asia
Attackers lure people to work abroad, promising high wages, and upon arrival take away passports and force them to participate in fraudulent schemes involving digital currencies

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has warned of false jobs offered by scammers to lure people to work abroad and force them to participate in cryptocurrency scams.

According to the agency, attackers are posting false job ads on social networks and online job sites, inviting people to work in Southeast Asia. Jobs related to tech support, call centers, or beauty salons are offered. Applicants are offered good wages, various benefits, travel, lodging, and meals.

Upon arrival, people's passports are taken away, forcibly held, intimidated, and forced to participate in international cryptocurrency fraud schemes, effectively keeping them in slavery.

At the same time, victims are told that they must pay mounting debt for travel, lodging, and food, and are sometimes sold to other criminal groups.

For those looking for jobs overseas, the FBI recommends being wary of vague wording in job postings and offers with unusually high salaries and benefits. And when moving to another country, let family and friends know details about the new job.


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