The exchange confirmed the slowdown in transactions. At the same time, onchain data refutes the information that appeared that the platform does not allow to withdraw more than 1 thousand USDC in a single transaction

Users of the FTX platform have begun to report problems and delays in withdrawals from the platform in bitcoin and Stablecoin. In the exchange's official Twitter account (the social network is blocked in Russia), platform customers stated that requests for cryptocurrency transfers are not processed and "hang," while the support team does not respond.

The exchange responded with a message on Monday that slow bitcoin withdrawals were caused by limited network bandwidth, and that problems with steblecoin transfers were due to banks being closed for the weekend. However, according to the FTX team, withdrawal rates are being restored.

On November 8, the media also began to spread the information that the FTX platform does not allow withdrawals over 1 thousand USDC in a single transaction. Source cited the owner of $260 million in cryptocurrencies, who has made over 100 transactions in the last 4 hours, amounting to about 950 USDC to withdraw from FTX.

However, etherscan data shows that the owner of the same wallet transferred $500k in USDC around noon on November 8. It took 5 seconds to confirm this transaction. After that, the user continued to make transfers of less than $1k in USDC and USDT stabelcoins.

The problems on the exchange FTX appeared after the CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance Changpen Zhao said that his company intends to sell its tokens FTT (token exchange FTX). Following Zhao's announcement, $1.2 billion worth of cryptocurrency was withdrawn from the FTX platform in a short time.

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