Fukushima NPP operator to divert surplus energy to mining and AI development

Fukushima NPP operator to divert surplus energy to mining and AI development


Fukushima NPP operator to divert surplus energy to mining and AI development
Japanese power company signs agreement with equipment manufacturer to develop data centers across the country

Tokyo Electric Power Grid (TEPCO), Japan's major power company and operator of the Fukushima nuclear power plant, has partnered with local mining equipment manufacturer TRIPLE-1 to efficiently use excess capacity on its network, including through mining, blockchain technology development and artificial intelligence, the company said in a press release.

TEPCO is trying to rebuild its business and reputation after an earthquake and tsunami hit the Fukushima nuclear reactors in 2011. The nuclear power plant was shut down in 2012, and the operator had to pay $98 billion in damages for failing to prevent an accident at the plant.

. The advanced technology, which functions as one big computer system, will be key to Japanese society's adoption of smart cities, autonomous driving systems, 5G communications, metacities and other next-generation technologies, the statement said.

The companies have already launched a pilot project in Tokyo: a 1,500 kW data center. The center, which uses surplus electricity generated from renewable energy sources, houses 1,300 units with "top-of-the-line" performance, and testing went well, according to the press release.

Japan could produce twice as much renewable energy as it does today, TEPCO wrote, citing an estimate by authorities. That's because the use of renewable energy has declined in recent years, and more and more energy remains unused. Companies are going to use these surpluses to create digital value.

The use of renewable energy for mining is growing worldwide. The Bitcoin Mining Council's Q3 2022 report shows that BMC members and survey participants are using 67.8% of their electricity sustainably (relying on renewable energy).

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