Google announced the launch of a blockchain service for developers

Google announced the launch of a blockchain service for developers

Blockchain Node Engine cloud platform will only be available for Ethereum projects for now Google announced the creation of a cloud service for blockchain developers Blockchain Node Engine

According to its creators, it is a fully managed hosting service for nodes (nodes) of decentralized networks. The first blockchain to be supported by the service will be Ethereum.

Web3 companies will be able to retransmit transactions (to speed them up), deploy smart contracts, and read and write blockchain data using nodes hosted in the Blockchain Node Engine.

Blockchain node rollout is a time-consuming effort. Synchronizing a full Ethereum node can take days. Google's Node Engine promises to make this fast and easy by letting creators roll out a new node with a simple single operation.

Also, the platform team notes that the new service actively monitors nodes and restarts them during failures as needed. This should reduce the need for projects to hire a development team to maintain the network infrastructure.

Two weeks ago, it was reported that Google will begin to accept cryptocurrency payments. Some customers will be able to pay for the company's cloud services with digital assets as early as the beginning of 2023.

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