Hacker will return $2.75 mln in crypto-assets to Transit Finance

Hacker will return $2.75 mln in crypto-assets to Transit Finance


Hacker will return $2.75 million in crypto-assets to Transit Finance platform
The platform has agreed to return 10 thousand BNB with one of the participants of the hack, with another 2.5 thousand BNB he will keep

The hacker has agreed to return 10k BNB (about $2.75 million) to crypto platform Transit Finance, as it reported on its blog. "White Hacker No. 1," as Transit Finance calls him, will make the asset return in two installments: 6,500 BNB immediately and 3,500 BNB later. This was achieved as a result of "friendly communication" with the hacker, according to the report.

In early October, crypto platform Transit Finance lost more than $29 million in cryptocurrency as a result of a hack.

Return of the first part of the amount of 6.5 thousand BNB on October 10 has already been confirmed by the cybersecurity company PeckShield. TransitFinance in its message promises that if "White Hacker #1" returns the remaining 3.5 thousand BNB, the platform will not have any legal claims against him. For returning the stolen funds, the hacker will keep a bonus of 2.5 thousand BNB (about $680 thousand).

Transit Finance appealed to the other participants of the incident to contact them as soon as possible and return the remaining funds to the users. After October 12 an official legal case will be initiated against those participants of the hack who will not return the stolen money by that time.

The BNB Chain network was also hacked at the end of last week. Hackers managed to steal over $544 million worth of cryptocurrency, but they were only able to withdraw $100 million.

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