The hackers who stole money from FTX exchange users last week also attacked Binance US and Bittrex platforms, according to the company X-explore, which detected suspicious transactions. According to analysts, the U.S. site Binance was stolen more than 1 thousand ETH ($ 1.4 million). Attackers stole 301 ETH ($400 thousand) from Bittrex exchange, but the attack on this site is still in progress.

Fraudsters use vulnerability of program interfaces (API) of platforms. According to analysts, this is a new way to steal cryptocurrencies, in which hackers complete the transfer of assets between different accounts by controlling transactions.

Last week, users of the FTX exchange began reporting account thefts and loss of funds. Hackers on that platform used the DMG/USD trading pair in their scheme. On October 24, Sam Bankman-Fried, founder of the American exchange, said that FTX will provide about $6 million in compensation to account holders affected by the incident.

After tracing the transactions of the attackers, analysts discovered that the same attack was carried out on the Binance US exchange. 1,053 ETH were stolen from the platform using the SYS/USD trading pair between October 13 and 17.

This was followed by an attack on the Bittrex platform. It began on Sunday, October 23, with a total of 301 ETH stolen at the time of its discovery. According to analysts, it is likely that the attacker is using the trading pair NXT/BTS for the attack.

On October 18, it became known that hackers hacked the BitKeep cryptocurrency wallet and stole $1 million worth of assets.

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