Hackers have stolen $718 million in cryptocurrencies since the beginning of October

Hackers have stolen $718 million in cryptocurrencies since the beginning of October


October has become the most "profitable" month for hackers in 2022, even though it's not over yet.

Hackers have stolen $718 million worth of cryptocurrencies since the beginning of October, according to analytics platform Chainanalysis. October has already become the most "lucrative" for attackers in 2022, despite the fact that only 13 days have passed since the beginning of October. During this time, 11 hacks were committed.

Analysts estimate that a total of more cryptocurrency will be stolen in 2022 than in any other previous year. So far, the amount of cryptocurrency funds stolen as a result of 125 attacks has already exceeded $3 billion.

Previously, most of the attacks were carried out on centralized platforms, but now the hackers' main targets are DeFi-protocols. In doing so, hackers most often exploit vulnerabilities in blockchain bridges. An attack on three of those bridges this month resulted in $600 million in losses, 82% of all losses this month.

One of the most high-profile incidents in October was the hacking of the BSC Token Hub bridge in the BNB Chain blockchain.

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