Investing: Top crypto-assets and more

Investing: Top crypto-assets and more

Author: Robert Strickland (crypto-journalist)

Investing: Top crypto-assets and more
0xprocessing co-founder named three reliable crypto-assets to invest in
Co-founder of 0xprocessing told about three cryptocurrencies with growth potential

Bitcoin (BTC) is the main asset to watch right now. We can expect the first cryptocurrency to rise by the end of May amid positive data about the slowdown in U.S. consumer prices and the ongoing banking crisis, which is only gaining momentum.

Investors, on the one hand, want to protect capital from depreciation and possible problems with bank savings accounts, and on the other hand, are trying to keep up with rising inflation, which also eats up a significant portion of their assets.

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Bitcoin in such a situation looks like one of the excellent alternative instruments to gold, which beats two birds with one stone: secures lower dependence on the banking infrastructure, which looks unreliable now, and potentially can show a high rate of return on investments, especially if you enter the asset on the eve of halving.

Nevertheless, it is worth bearing in mind that Bitcoin is unlikely to hold at its current level in the event of major turmoil in the banking sector and is likely to dive down after the stock market. Its advantage is that it will come out fast, too. But it would be rash to deny the possibility of a sharp decline in Bitcoin in the current situation.

Arbitrum (ARB) and Sui (SUI) can be considered other worthy candidates for inclusion in the investment portfolio. Both networks actively attract liquidity and welcome the launch of new services within their networks.

Behind both projects are teams with good reputations. It is not yet clear whether they will take off or drown in a sea of other altcoins, but it makes sense to allocate some assets to them for diversification.


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