Kennedy Jr. pledged to support bitcoin if he wins election

Kennedy Jr. pledged to support bitcoin if he wins election

Author: Robert Strickland (crypto-journalist)

Kennedy Jr. pledged to support bitcoin if he wins the election
U.S. presidential contender Robert F. Kennedy Jr. promised to support bitcoin in case of winning the election
The Democrat who decided to run for the U.S. presidency, like his Republican rival Ron Desantis, spoke out against central bank digital currencies

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. promised to support bitcoin and free settlement if he won the election in 2024. In a June 22 big interview with the New York Post, Kennedy, who intends to run for president of the United States as the Democratic nominee, said people should have the ability to manage their own money.

"I will see to it that we have policies that support bitcoin and freedom of movement of funds and allow people to manage their own wallets, nodes (network nodes) and passwords. I will only allow the minimal controls necessary to prevent money laundering," he said.

Kennedy Jr. was considered a marginal candidate, but less than two months after announcing his candidacy, he had already garnered 20 percent Democratic support, compared to 60 percent for incumbent Joe Biden.

The politician did not give a specific answer to the question of whether he plans to nominate someone who supports cryptocurrency to the SEC leadership if he wins the election. However, he noted that he opposes central bank digital currencies (CBDC). "They are instruments of control and oppression, and they will surely be abused," Kennedy explained.

In late May, another U.S. presidential contender, Florida Governor Ron Desantis, also pledged to protect bitcoin if elected in 2024. He, a Republican candidate, also opposes the implementation of CBDC.


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