MatchX unveils energy-efficient NEO miner

MatchX unveils energy-efficient NEO miner

Author: Robert Strickland

MatchX unveils energy-efficient NEO miner

MatchX has introduced an energy-efficient cryptocurrency mining rig, NEO, to the public. The firm demonstrated a new approach to mining virtual currencies. Representatives of the organization assured: now are the ideal conditions for new entrants to the market, as large mining pools were losing control over the hashing speed of most leading blockchains.

MatchX management unveiled a publicly available next-generation mining rig. The new NEO, a counterpart to the M2 Pro miner, has hit the market for less than $2800. The new equipment is designed to help novice miners mine virtual currencies.

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Experts said that Match NEO is a completely silent, environmentally friendly miner with low power consumption. It requires only 1 watt of power to operate. According to assurances of the developers, this makes a noticeable difference compared to the requirements of traditional ASIC systems, which need up to 3000 watts.

Specialists stressed that thanks to the multi-token capabilities of the installation, the efficiency of the machine can be used for mining various cryptocurrencies and receive a diversified ROI.

The platform uses the MXC POP mining principle, which ensures the use of MXC crypto-asset as a service token in the Match Data Dash application. According to tests, NEO allows you to earn rewards in MXC of up to $6 daily.

With NEO installations, MatchX plans to create a decentralized, low-power global mining network (LPWAN). It will include 50,000 miners in key regions of the world, including the U.S., Europe and possibly China. The network is built to transmit data from Internet of Things (IoT) devices using the MXC Protocol.

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