MetaMask denied rumors of a March 31 Airdrop

MetaMask denied rumors of a March 31 Airdrop

Author: Robert Strickland

MetaMask denied rumors of a March 31 Airdrop
MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet developers refuted rumors of an airdrop on March 31
The developers of the cryptocurrency wallet warned users that false messages about token giveaways scheduled for the end of the month may contain phishing links

Cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask has refuted rumors of an airdrop on March 31. The developers said that there have been many false reports that MetaMask will hold an end-of-month token giveaway.

The rumors create opportunities for scammers and phishers (attackers who use phishing links to gain access to user data). Be careful with fake sites in the coming days," the project team warned.

MetaMask is one of the most popular wallets for digital assets. It is used to store cryptocurrencies and NFTs, participate in DAOs and work with DeFi-protocols. According to ConsenSys (the developer of the project), the number of active MetaMask users exceeded 30 million in January this year.

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Fraudulent reports about MetaMask's Airdrop began to emerge after ConsenSys head Joe Lubin announced in mid-March that MetaMask was planning to create a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and confirmed plans for the cryptocurrency to issue its own token.

Details and timing of the cryptocurrency issue have not yet been announced, but fraudsters took advantage of this information and created fake accounts on social networks and sites that mimic MetaMask's resources.

According to analytical platform DappRadar, in the face of these rumors activity in MetaMask has more than doubled - the number of daily transactions on March 27 reached 21.4 thousand, and on March 28 - 17.8 thousand, while on average during March it was about 8 thousand.

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