Negotiations with miners and FTX payments. Highlights of the week

Negotiations with miners and FTX payments. Highlights of the week


Negotiations with miners and FTX payments. Highlights of the week
Cryptocurrency lender BlockFi sued for bankruptcy, hackers stole $3.37 billion worth of cryptocurrency since the beginning of the year, Sberbank blockchain platform will be compatible with Ethereum ecosystem, and other events of last week

Cryptocurrency lender BlockFi goes to court over threat of bankruptcy

The blockchain platform BlockFi and eight related companies have initiated protection proceedings against creditors under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. The filing follows the collapse of the FTX exchange, which also filed for bankruptcy

Bitcoin miners' revenue fell to its lowest in two years

The processing power of the equipment mining the first cryptocurrency has also begun to decline. The network's hash rate fell by 13% in a month

The number of cryptocurrency wallets of "millionaires" has dropped by 80% in a year

Currently, there are only about 23 thousand addresses with BTC balances of at least $1 million

FTX resumed paying salaries to employees

The group, which is going through bankruptcy proceedings, will also make payments to some vendors whose services are needed to keep business operations running

Kraken agreed to pay regulator $362,000 for sanctions violation

As part of a settlement with OFAC over rule violations, the platform is also investing an additional $100k in staff training and new measures to monitor compliance with restrictions

Head of RSPP advocated accelerated introduction of digital ruble

Animoca Brands begins raising $2 billion to invest in meta-universes

The Hong Kong-based company intends to create an Animoca Capital fund that will focus not on supporting new startups, but on mid- to late-stage projects

Sber's blockchain platform will be compatible with the Ethereum ecosystem

Developers will be able to transfer smart contracts and entire projects between the bank's network and other open networks

Maersk and IBM will discontinue their blockchain project TradeLens

The logistics giant will close the platform because it hasn't reached commercial viability in the 4 years since it was created

India begins piloting digital rupee in four cities

The electronic form of India's national currency will primarily be used for retail transactions, and the results of the experiment are planned to be used to further promote the digital rupee

Sotheby's sold 10 rare NFT penguins for $129,000.

Despite the bear market, the auction house is still actively bidding on digital art objects

Hackers have stolen $3.37 billion worth of cryptocurrency since the beginning of the year

In November alone, there were 29 hacks that stole $391 million in digital assets from crypto platforms

Russian authorities held talks with major miners

FTX Japan announced plans to resume withdrawals

The assets of Japanese clients will not be related to the group's bankruptcy proceedings in the U.S.



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