NFT has recorded the highest volume of trades in the last 3 months

NFT has recorded the highest volume of trades in the last 3 months

Author: Robert Strickland

Cryptocurrency experts told that the market of non-exchangeable tokens (NFT) has recorded the highest volume of trades in the last 3 months. Such data was recorded as of February 16, 2023.

The researchers emphasized: the total sales volume of digital items was 41,214 ETH or about $69 million. 25,409 unique users performed deals and 68,157 transactions. Such information was provided to the public by the experts of DyneAnalytics.

Researchers have explained the reasons for the popularity of NFTs. According to them, more than 73% of the total volume came from the Blur marketplace. This marketplace gained more popularity after the developers implemented a free distribution of BLUR tokens. The average transaction on the marketplace was 3.14 ETH. At the same time, each user made approximately 3.3 transactions in a day.

BLUR cryptocurrency was distributed via airdrop to all active users of the trading floor of the same name. Users were rewarded in proportion to their activity on the platform, taking into account the amount and number of transactions on the internal market.

According to Twitter reports, some traders were able to sell their digital assets for tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars (USD). This led to very high volatility of the virtual currency. Its quotes rose to the value of $5 after the listing. However, at some point, the value of BLUR dropped to $0.41.

The last time trading volumes in the NFT sector exceeded 30,000 ETH was more than a month ago - in early January 2023. Then the market began to gradually grow, including the rise in quotations of the flagship cryptocurrency bitcoin (BTC). This is what attracted investors' interest in digital collections.

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