Popular Ethereum Wallet MetaMask to Add Bitcoin Support

Popular Ethereum Wallet MetaMask to Add Bitcoin Support

Author: Robert Strickland (crypto-journalist)


Popular Ethereum Wallet MetaMask to Add Bitcoin Support

Popular cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask will add support for Bitcoin. Despite being used by millions of clients, it does not currently support transactions with the first cryptocurrency.



According to Coindesk, which cites its own sources, the popular MetaMask wallet, created by Consensys—a company closely associated with the Ethereum ecosystem—will support Bitcoin transactions starting in June.


MetaMask developers claim the wallet has over 30 million active users each month. It is used for storing crypto assets on the Ethereum blockchain and other networks compatible with its software environment (Ethereum Virtual Machine, EVM). The Bitcoin blockchain is not among these compatible networks, and the wallet currently lacks support for both Bitcoin and other non-EVM networks such as Tron, Solana, or TON.

MetaMask can be used not only for storing and sending cryptocurrency and tokens but also for authorizing in crypto services, issuing NFTs, and other operations involving smart contracts.

Initially, the set of Bitcoin-related features will be limited, but they will expand over time, according to Coindesk's sources. It is unknown whether MetaMask will support protocols such as Ordinals or Runes (Bitcoin's equivalents of NFTs).

In early February, MetaMask developers announced the integration of the fiat-to-crypto bridge Robinhood Connect, which will allow MetaMask users in the U.S. to purchase cryptocurrency through the Robinhood brokerage platform.

Later that same month, a system of built-in notifications, developed jointly with data protection company Blockaid, was added to the wallet. This new feature is designed to prevent malicious transactions and protect users from phishing and hacking. The system will notify users by default when attempting to confirm a malicious transaction.


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