Sanctions . Blocking of OKX. The main events of the past week

Sanctions . Blocking of OKX. The main events of the past week


Sanctions against Russians and the blocking of OKX. The main events of the past week
Hackers have stolen more than $2.3 billion in cryptocurrency since the beginning of 2022, Argentina started selling electricity to foreign miners, bitcoin fell after U.S. unemployment data and other events of the week

12,100 cryptocurrencies stopped trading this year

A study shows that twice as many tokens stopped trading in 2022 as in all previous years combined. Technically, the coins exist, but they are inactive

Kim Kardashian fined $1.26 million for illegal cryptocurrency advertising

The actress agreed to pay a fine for failing to disclose the proceeds of her EthereumMAX ads

Robert Kiyosaki predicted the collapse of the dollar and urged to buy bitcoin

The author of the bestseller "Rich Daddy, Poor Daddy" is sure that US Federal Reserve will start to decrease the interest rates in January 2023, which will lead to the decline of American national currency and growth of risky assets

Duma committee to ask parliament to reject bill on mining

According to the conclusions of the committee on financial market, the document is fragmentary and obviously insufficient, and does not meet the requirements of completeness, certainty and unambiguity of the legislation

McDonald's restaurant in Switzerland began accepting payment in cryptocurrency

The fast-food chain is conducting an experiment in the European city with the population of 63 thousand people. It is also possible to pay with stabelcoin USDT

Argentina began selling electricity to foreign miners

The first 1 MW data center was launched in the large oil field of Vaca Muerta

Roskomnadzor has blocked the website of cryptocurrency exchange OKX

The federal service restricted access to the platform's page at the request of the Prosecutor General's Office

Aksakov proposed to prosecute for cryptopayments in Russia

The head of the State Duma Committee on Financial Market called for a legal ban on the use of cryptocurrency as a means of paying in Russia

The European Union agreed on a draft law on cryptocurrency control in the EU

The final stage before the final adoption of the document will be its consideration by the European Parliament on October 10

Hackers have stolen more than $2.3 billion in cryptocurrency since the beginning of 2022

At the end of the third quarter, losses from attacks and hacks of crypto projects amounted to $428 million

EU banned Russians from using cryptocurrencies

Russian citizens and residents will no longer be able to create accounts and store digital assets in the EU

BanklessTimes called most cryptocurrency trading a fake

Analysts claim that more than 51% of total transactions on cryptocurrency exchanges are created by simultaneously buying and selling an asset on the same platform to create false liquidity

The Binance network is back up and running after a hack and the theft of $100 million

Attackers stole more than $544 million worth of cryptocurrency, but did not manage to withdraw most of it

Bitcoin fell after U.S. unemployment data release

The first cryptocurrency fell in price by $450 per hour after it was reported that the number of jobs in the United States increased

Celsius Network released 14,000 pages of customer transaction data

The company, which is undergoing bankruptcy proceedings, was forced to release user transaction information by court order

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