Sega decides to abandon boring blockchain games

Sega decides to abandon boring blockchain games

Author: Robert Strickland (crypto-journalist)

Sega decides to abandon "boring" blockchain games
Sega Chief Operating Officer Suji Utsumi announced the company's plans to abandon blockchain games
Sega will also no longer use its major franchises to collaborate with third-party creators on the subject

Sega is no longer as heavily involved in blockchain games as it once was and is not allowing characters and trademarks from its best-known franchises (particularly Sonic the Hedgehog) to be used in third-party blockchain games. The move was made to avoid devaluing its own content, Sega Chief Operating Officer Suji Utsumi told Bloomberg in a commentary.

A company spokesman also said he thinks blockchain games are "boring."

"The actions in play-to-earn (p2e) segment games are boring. What's the point of them if they're not fun?" - Utsumi said.

Sega has also decided to put its own blockchain-based game projects on hold and not to implement Web3 technology in new "super games" just yet.

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