SHIB's chief developer has nothing to do with the PAW meme-token

SHIB's chief developer has nothing to do with the PAW meme-token

Author: Robert Strickland

SHIB's chief developer has nothing to do with the PAW meme-token

In a recent tweet, Shitoshi Kusama, the lead developer of the meme-cryptocurrency Shiba Inu (SHIB), clarified the situation regarding the new meme-token PAW. The programmer also stressed: he does not keep this digital asset in his wallets. In addition, the specialist assured that the creators of this startup are in no way connected with the Shiba Inu team and told investors to be more careful.

Shitoshi about PAW: There is nothing wrong with PAW and this meme token is not fake. However, even there, Kusama stressed that he was not personally associated with the meme project.

In the comment thread, many users noted that Kusama had better get busy preparing for the release of Shibarium instead of spreading negative comments. Meanwhile, the same username SHIBARMY shared a link to Etherscan Explorer, which showed that 8 billion SHIB were sent from Shitoshi Kusama's wallet to an address containing PAW tokens. He noted: this is most likely what sparked rumors about the developer's ties to the project.

Another user noted that the aforementioned address to which Shitoshi transferred his Shiba Inu did not belong to Kusama, but to the community manager of Shiba Eternity.

The PAW token was introduced by the PawZone project. Its developers claimed to be busy creating a non-exchangeable token trading platform (NFT) for Shibarium. JD's founder said his project is over a year old. He assured that now some unknown people have created their own crypto-asset by stealing the PAW ticker, which he originally came up with himself. The specialist thanked Shitoshi Kusama for clarifying the relationship to the PAW token.

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