Billions of NFTs could be put to use with helping Eths streamlining process with recursive proofs (RP).

The Merge is really coming. Ethereum's most anticipated event is right around the corner. It's supposed to murn the blockchain into a more eco-friendly and efficient version of itself. The newborn idea, the concept that will bind the merge with ntfs, supercharging layer 2 scalability was introduced last week by one of the biggest scalability sharks, StarkWare. Their newly found RP claims to be able to pack millions mints into one single transaction. How's that for big news?

Rollup technologies will bundle up the off-chain transactions and help unload the main-net by delivering those as one single package which contributes to saving energy, time, and overall efficiency of the main-net. Each package of transaction has their own validators provided by optimistic rollups. If a transaction looks suspicious or has been deemed as illegitimate it will cause a lag because the validators are checking it. ZK rollups on the other hand, they also play the role of a validator here, using cryptography before sending it to Ethereum's main-net.
Rollup technology has caught the eye of many software devs and VS's.  Stark Wares 8$ bln valuation in May makes it four times more than their valuation in November with only 100$ million budget in funding.

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