The 5 biggest bitcoin holders we know about

The 5 biggest bitcoin holders we know about

Author: Robert Strickland (crypto expert)


The 5 biggest bitcoin holders we know about

The 5 biggest bitcoin holders
Just over 17 million coins have been mined in the entire existence of bitcoin, and their total value is equal to $114.6 billion at the moment. With such an impressive figure, only 5 holders own about 10% of the total issue. Today we will tell you about the most influential holders of the first cryptocurrency.


It is not news to anyone that the creator of bitcoin is also the largest holder of coins. He owns 1.1 million BTC, which equals more than $7 billion at the current exchange rate. Despite such an impressive fortune, Nakamoto's identity is not known for certain. It's also impossible to say for sure whether it's one person, a group, or even a government organization. One thing is certain, he has more bitcoins in his account than anyone else.


A less expected contributor to this list is an entire state. Nevertheless, Bulgaria owns 213519 bitcoins, which equals almost $1.5 billion, which is almost 3% of the country's GDP. So where does a small country get its wealth from? These bitcoins were seized from the criminal group after its members were arrested by the country's police. Authorities accused the group of interfering in the country's tax system. It's unknown at this point what Bulgaria intends to do with these bitcoins, no official statement has been made about this.


Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex, which ranks fourth in terms of daily trading volume, is considered the largest holder of bitcoins in its field. The company has 163,133 BTC in its accounts, which is more than $1 billion. The exchange protects its wealth securely and keeps it in a cold wallet to avoid hacking and theft.

  • FBI

In 2013, the U.S. Federal Security Service became one of the largest bitcoin owners in the world, seizing 144,000 BTC. These coins were confiscated from the illegal Silk Road site and its creator Ross Ulbricht. Be that as it may, the FBI has now sold most of these bitcoins, but this event in the history of the first cryptocurrency needs to be reflected in this list.


Famous bitcoin billionaires Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss own about 92,000 BTC. If the legend is to be believed, they purchased them with the money they had taken from Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg. At the moment of their purchase, the price of BTCs was about $120, and the brothers spent $11 million on them. Now their investment grew more than 55 times, but the Winklevosses don't intend to part with their bitcoins: they believe that even the price of $20000 for one bitcoin was not the limit.


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