The best programs for mining - a brief analysis

The best programs for mining - a brief analysis

Mining is the process of creating new blocks in a blockchain using the processing power of the available equipment

 There is hardware mining and cloud mining. The first involves installing mining software on a PC and mining coins using your own devices. This can be done with a video card or Rig, which is a set of video cards connected to each other. Cloud mining involves renting the power of someone else's equipment and mining cryptocurrency on it. The most profitable way is self-mining. You have full control over the process. However, this requires mining programs, which come in free and paid.

Best programs for mining
Special programs for mining cryptocurrencies are a good solution for obtaining digital money. Technically, it is a fairly simple process. You need to install specialized software, do some basic setup. After that, everything works automatically.

The best programs for mining were evaluated according to technical characteristics, ease of use and opportunities for earning. The top included:

Miner OS - the operating system is developed on the basis of Linux, is able to work on devices with Windows. You need to install the program and choose a miner according to your miner-rig. Miner OS supports 30 miners. You can mine cryptocurrency on AMD and nVidia video cards, on processors. The algorithm used is directly related to the activity of the miner. The main advantage is the high level of automation. Once the jobs are installed, the mining software works in automatic mode. The program independently overloads the installation in case of its overheating or a strong drop in hashrate. Installed on a hard drive or flash drive.

GMiner Cuda - used for mining Ethereum, ETCs, Beam, Cortex, installed on the Windows operating system, works with nVidia and AMD cryptocurrencies, easy to configure, free.

Easy Miner - here you can mine on video cards (nVidia and AMD) and processors. Supports popular algorithms, you can mine Bitcoin, Litecoin, Siacoin, DeepCloud AI, Quark, Vertcoin. Features a minimal number of settings, a built-in wallet, and the ability to optimize the income from mining Litecoin. The program is free, has open source code.

Claymore Dual - computer mining software supports rigs with nVidia and AMD video cards. It is installed on Windows and Linux. You can efficiently mine Ethereum, Siacoin and Decred. The program has a built-in dual-mining mode, which means mining two coins simultaneously without performance degradation. The program is perfectly optimized for OpenCL, so Ethereum mining is 3-5% higher than many peers.

Mining programs are a great way to mine cryptocurrency. They don't cause any problems, especially if you have a powerful PC. Although hardware mining is expensive in the beginning, it can pay for itself later on.

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