The collapse of the FTX exchange and bitcoin falling below $16,000.

The collapse of the FTX exchange and bitcoin falling below $16,000.


The collapse of the FTX exchange and bitcoin falling below $16,000.
JPMorgan analysts predicted bitcoin to fall to $13,000, BlockFi announced the suspension of withdrawals for clients and other events of the past week


The former head of BitMEX called digital national currencies "pure evil"

According to Arthur Hayes, CBDC will be a police tool and social progress will be impossible

FTX exchange token plummeted 23% overnight

FTT cryptocurrency fell to its lowest level since February 2021, with $1.2 billion worth of cryptocurrencies withdrawn from the cryptoplatform in a matter of days

Traders lost $344 million overnight as cryptocurrency market falls

Mass liquidations of positions of crypto exchanges users occurred during the collapse of bitcoin below $20k and FTT token price fell by 30% in few hours

FTX users complained about withdrawal problems

The exchange confirmed a slowdown in transactions. At the same time, onchain data refutes reports that the platform does not allow to withdraw more than 1k USDC in a single transaction.

Bitcoin exchange rate updated to a two-year low

The price of the first cryptocurrency fell during trading to the mark of $17.16 thousand.

Huobi will help with the exchange of tokens of the Tron network to their owners on the FTX platform

Coins such as Tron, BitTorrent and HT, which are not available for withdrawal from FTX, will be allowed to redeem at a ratio of 1:1 on the exchange led by Justin Sun

The head of Binance spoke out about the possible purchase of FTX

Changpeng Zhao said regulators will now be watching crypto exchanges even more closely and asked his team not to view the "fall of a competitor" as a "victory"

JPMorgan analysts predicted bitcoin would fall to $13,000.

The bank's strategists warned that cryptocurrency markets will face weeks of deleveraging as a result of the FTX crisis

Tether froze 46 million USDT on FTX wallet

Stablecoin issuer temporarily blocked those assets at the request of law enforcement

Bitcoin rose $2,000 in one day

After updating a two-year low of $15,600, the first cryptocurrency rose 14% during the day

Hackers hacked into DFX Finance protocol and stole $4 million worth of cryptocurrency

Attackers withdrew 3k Ethereum from Curve decentralized pool

BlockFi announced the suspension of withdrawals for customers

The cryptocurrency platform said that due to the unclear situation with FTX, FTX US and Alameda, it cannot conduct business as usual

Cryptocurrency exchange FTX filed for bankruptcy

Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder of the trading floor, who was investigated by the SEC, stepped down as CEO

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